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About Me

Professional Licensed Esthetician & MUA

Hello Beauties! My name is Nichole Alexis, owner of Bringing Beauty To You. Since childhood I have loved everything that pertained to Beauty! Makeup was a tool to create various looks that reflect my many creative moods. My journey in the beauty industry began with London Eyes Academy, where I got certified as a professional makeup artist. Following my certification I began work as a Makeup Artist with several bridal companies and also freelance work for Giorgio Armani. I later on enrolled at University of Aesthetics and Cosmetology to become a Licensed Esthetician. Skincare and Makeup Artistry is my passion. My ultimate goal is to help women, and men alike to feel confident and empowered through skincare. I want to serve and educate my clients in ways to have healthy, luminous, beautiful skin... with or without makeup.     

Get in touch with me today to discuss your skin needs, and together we can make your beauty shine through.

About Me: About Me
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